Development Process

We train professional experts, strictly evaluate and analyze various factors of power station s to assure the maximum efficiency for the generation of electricity.

The First Discussion

Preliminary understand the needs of customers; actual investigation of the site’s environments; evaluate the construction conditions.


According to the site survey information to plan capacity & approaches of building a power station, to provide the best efficiencies for the customers.

Reach an agreement

Upon completion of signing an agreement, we hand in documents for reviewing to obtain the final permission of electricity sale.

Approach construction

Our professional engineering team installs solar power system for you with scrupulous attitude & years of experiences.

Final acceptance of construction

Complete installing electricity meter of Taiwan Power Company & equipment registration of Energy Bureau; do the final acceptance with customers, and begin selling electricity.

Operation and maintenance

Provide equipment warranty; ensure system operates normally; performance maintenance; to achieve maximum efficiency of power generation.

Our Projects

What we build for you is not only power station, but also our specialty and service.